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Earthquake near Rome T__T

I do not like to tell these kind of things (especially update my LJ with this), but 20 minutes ago, @ 7:44, there was an earthquake!! T__T
Fortunately it was near Rome, and the magnitude wasn't so high ( about ML 4).
But it was really a strange sensation...
Anyway, don' t worry, it's okay now. ^____^
The lucky thing is that in Rome itself there can't be earthquakes!! ^o^ (yeah, I know...that's strange... but the underground of Rome is empty, because is full of archaeological ruins XDD )

Ok, that's all.

Happy Easter ~~

I really hope today all of you will spend a wonderful Easter day!!! ~__~

For the pics thanks to: Anne Geddes; Glitterfy; Glitters24;


Josh Groban: "Per Te"

Sorry if in these last days i'm not so present in LJ, but i'm preparing several exams. >___<
And i really don't know how much time i'll have to spent in this way! T__T
So, for now, i'll leave you with this song.
A song that i love particularly. ^__^
Hope you like it :)



With the hope that 2008 could bring to all of you all the most wonderful happiness!!



Merry Christmas!!!!
Buon Natale!!!
hope all of you will spend a wonderful day!!

(thanks to ookamishiko for this wonderful vid!!  ^__^ )

Arrivederci Belle...

thanks to
es_chan for the video.

We'll miss you Belle!!

Ci mancherai Belle!!


something concerning the Arirang TV

So, today double post! :)

But this is not a very nice post.
Just now me and my friend kaya_86 were checking the schedule of the Arirang tv on their site.
And we saw that there isn't the concert in the schedule of tomorrow!! (17th november!!) O______O
So, after the panic XDD i searched through the web other infos about this, and i went on the help section of the Arirang site, and found a question about the concert. You can see it [HERE]
For who have problems to see that page, here i report the answer from the Arirang staff:

"Dear Viewer,

Thank you for your viewership.

Yes, the live show of the “2007 Mnet KM Music Festival” will be broadcast via Arirang’s World Channel during the end of December. The exact date has not decided yet, though. We suggest checking out the showtimes in the coming month to view the special edition through both TV and On-air service on our Web site.

We appreciate your interest in the annual music festival.

Arirang Staff


hope they'll decide soon the date.
However, tomorrow i/ we can't see Gackt (i'm soooo sad for this).
And now i/we must wait 'till the end of december!! this is absolutely absurd!!!!  >______<
anyway, i decided to take a look tomorrow @ this channel ;D


Moi Dix Mois concert review...

The 22th i went to Milan to see..............*roll' s of drum*........ the Moi Dix Mois!!! ^^


my crazy thing of the day!! ;D

today i made a crazy thing!! XDDD
i downloaded and installed a particularly software that  transformed my pc (Windows XP) into a Mac!! ^o^
Obviously is only the graphic aspect, so it's not a real mac, but it's so cuuute now!! :)
All the icons, the sounds etc.. are those of one mac! ;D
I know it's strange! But the mac is one of the thing i would buy if i had $!!
so now, have a pc with this graphic, is so amazing for me!! *___*


my precious presents! *_________*

Yesterday (saturday) we finally celebrated my birthday!
And i received wonderful presents!!! *______*